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Finding reliable video editing services that deliver actual results is quite a daunting task. Here at We Sound Strange, we want to make it easier on you. Forget about the cut-and-paste type of video editing that looks cheap and rushed – we provide top-quality videos because we only provide music promotion to music that stays true to the art. The love and passion for music binds us to keep on creating masterpieces.

Our team of video editors take every project to heart and truly edits compelling videos for you and your fans to enjoy. Whether it’s a simple lyric video, or an all-out production-style music video – our video editing services team is ready to help build your legacy.

High-Quality Content

Every completed project is scored for quality. At We Sound Strange, we pride ourselves in our video editing services because we strive to produce the best. As much as you believe in your music, we believe in our editors. 

Quality video editing services goes a long way into building your own brand that only serves quality and passion.We want to deliver top-quality videos that will help your music succeed! 

Fast Turnaround

We live in a fast-paced world and we don’t like waiting for things. We understand that you just don’t want quality video editing services, you want it done fast. We’re completely flexible and love collaborating with artists so we can make their creative vision a reality

We have a large team of editors ready to take on any project and work under strict deadlines to get the video done fast. It’s necessary to be fast to be able to distribute it to each music marketing channel. Get top-quality video editing services today!

Why Video Editing Services

Successful content marketing projects require amazing content and a diverse mix of content types. Our video editors can work with many types of creative directions you may have to get the video done to its true potential. We want to take it back to the days when music videos defined who an artist was, and what’s the message they want to portray. True masterpieces that reflect on the artist.

The music industry is a competitive market and you need someone who understands how to get your music seen.


"I emailed We Sound Strange and talked to their lead writer. We strategized what days and times would be the best to promote my new song. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. Very happy I found them."
content writing services artist
Jackson Reed
"We Sound Strange was able to get my client's new track on multiple music magazines and blogs within a week. They blasted his new track and we saw a huge bump in our youtube views."
music promotion rep
Vincent Miller
Artist Manager
"We wanted to stay local since we're from Los Angeles and know this is where it's happening for our genre of music. We Sound Strange is in the middle of the LA scene and we love it!"
music promotion lavender scare
The lavender scare
"I've worked with We Sound Strange twice and I've been satisfied with each time. It's good to know that every time I release a new song I can count on them."
music promotion andrea desmond
Andrea desmond