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We Sound Strange, the trusted brand to provide Content Writing Services

If you’re looking for content writing services that delivers actual results, you’ve come to the right place! Forget about fluff pieces, we only provide music promotion to music that stays true to the art. Our team of writers take every project and truly writes compelling content for our marketing team to source to other music marketing channels.

High-Quality Content

Every completed project is scored for quality. At We Sound Strange, we pride ourselves in our content writing services because we strive to produce the best. As much as you believe in your music, we believe in our writers. 

 We want to deliver top-quality content that will help your music succeed! Get rich music promotion you deserve and don’t settle for less than the best.

Fast Turnaround

We live in a fast-paced world and we don’t like waiting for things. We understand that you just don’t want quality content writing services, you want it done fast. 

We have a large team of writers ready to take on any project and work under strict deadlines to get the content needed to promote your music. It’s necessary to be fast to be able to distribute it to each music marketing channel.

SEO Content

The better our content is optimized for Google, the more of a chance people will see and listen to your music without the use of expensive ads. 

We build content-rich posts and artist website content to take it high on the search results. SEO is free promotion if utilized correctly and know how to create content that Google likes. Our content writing services are written for the user, optimized for Google.


Why Content Writing Services

Successful content marketing projects require amazing content and a diverse mix of content types. Our writers can create articles, blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, artist biographies and any other type of written content you need to succeed in content marketing.

The music industry is a competitive market and you need someone who understands how to get your music heard.

Public Relations - PR Services

We know what makes a great story and what keeps your music in the news. We help artists launch their new music to countless news outlets to get the word out. We have numerous connections throughout the U.S. to get your music and content published and seen.

From New York to Kansas, we will work on getting your content in front of the right audience. Contact us to learn more about the PR services we offer.


"I emailed We Sound Strange and talked to their lead writer. We strategized what days and times would be the best to promote my new song. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. Very happy I found them."
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Jackson Reed
"We Sound Strange was able to get my client's new track on multiple music magazines and blogs within a week. They blasted his new track and we saw a huge bump in our youtube views."
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Vincent Miller
Artist Manager
"We wanted to stay local since we're from Los Angeles and know this is where it's happening for our genre of music. We Sound Strange is in the middle of the LA scene and we love it!"
music promotion lavender scare
The lavender scare
"I've worked with We Sound Strange twice and I've been satisfied with each time. It's good to know that every time I release a new song I can count on them."
music promotion andrea desmond
Andrea desmond
music promotion company we sound strange

Build Your Brand With
Content Writing Services

Artistry and creativity should shine through your brand alone, but it can sometimes use a little push to bump it to the next level. Use online content writing services that truly grasp what your brand is all about so that your fans can know what you represent. Better yet, creating a strong brand allows your fans to jump and embrace your brand as their own. Nothing builds a stronger following than having a brand that fans can relate to. 

Partnering with an online content writing services expert, combine creativity and build the perfect you want to display with your fans. Let your fans become a part of you and become a unit of support. 

We Sound Strange was built with website content writing services. We allow the Strange to take over and each member of our team is as much a part of the We Sound Strange brand as the message itself. Whether you need someone to write your bio, or you need someone to create the entire content of your website – partner up with a company that believes in your brand just as much as you do. Get website content writing services that can help you and your fan base grow!