About Us

We Sound Strange strives to become one of the biggest music promotion companies in Los Angeles. We’ve recently been voted as Hot New Music Marketing Agency of 2018. Our music marketing agency consists of creative geniuses in love with music. From content marketing to video editing, we only want to deliver the best music promotion services to our clients. Other music promotion companies have been around longer than we have, but they’ve lost sight of what’s truly important in this industry – the music!

Our goal is to offer artists music marketing services that delivers actual results that leads to a real return on investment. As a music marketing agency, we want to expose your music to potential fans across the globe. Our team is passionate about the music scene and are constantly out in the Los Angeles area discovering new music. As a music marketing agency in Los Angeles, it’s a privilege to be in such an iconic city full of amazing new artists who just need an opportunity to shine. We want to offer the best music promotion services that fits right with your goal. If you’d like to learn more about our music promotion services, give us a call and let’s chat about your next move. Remember, We Sound Strange because We Are Strange.


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Our story

We Sound Strange because We Are Strange – that’s the motto of our music marketing agency. Why? Because we’re strange, that’s why. We embrace our inner strange and let it out for the whole world to see. Our music promotion services don’t just cater to the strange, but we love artists that take joy and are extremely passionate in their music. We love that we’re different from other music promotion companies because we do what we want without worrying about being “the corporate standard”. We believe “corporate” music is killing creativity and taking away the spotlight from true artists. 

Here at We Sound Strange, we encourage our team to “Embrace Their Inner Strange” – be who you are without worrying about what the people around you may think. Each team member in our music marketing agency has one goal – provide the best music promotion services to our clients and inspire them to create, not make. Leave the music promotion to the music marketing agency and focus on what’s really important, creating music for your fans (and your potential new ones)!