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Honestly by L.A. Foster

With February coming, are we all sticking to our New Year’s resolution? Well, if you want to take a long, hard look in the mirror to figure out your next step, we suggest you put on “Honestly” by L.A Foster in the background. Just as the name suggests, “Honestly” was made to bring out the raw truth in all of us and face the facts. The only way one can truly grow is by finally being honest with ourselves and realize what our true passion and our true meaning is. Let’s bring our truth into the light.

As for L.A. Foster, they’ve lived in many place, travel across many new cities, and they’ve learned the truth about themselves. That’s what comes out through your speakers when you listen to “Honestly”. We’re all born with vulnerability, exposed to a world we know nothing about, and we’re left at the mercy of others. All we can do is learn and grow.

As they state, “Honestly is an ode to healing ourselves, loving ourselves, and fighting for our purest honest self and trying to maintain that through the harsh obstacles that we face in our lives”.

Finally, a song that allows us to see within and face our darkest truths. Get out all your hate, all your anger, all the darkness, and push to be who you’re truly destined to be. Take a chance and find out!

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Give “Honestly” a listen and let L.A. Foster know how you feel. We know we will!

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