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"The team down at We Sound Strange were really able to get my new album in front of a new audience. I gained so many new followers and I saw more digital downloads within the first few weeks!"
music promotion andrea desmond
Andrea Desmond

Content Management

When you release new music, you need an audience – someone who know how to promote your music. Get in touch with a music promotion company that actually cares about the music. Our expertise in music promotion services is being able to get your music in front of the biggest blogs. We have excellent copywriters and pr specialists who know how to get your music heard. 

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Artist Website Creation & Biographies

Every major artist needs a website for their fans to visit and follow. We’re one of the few music marketing companies that offer state-of-the-art websites built strictly for artists. We offer many packages that include: artist biographies, SEO-friendly content, user-friendly designs, etc. Let your fans know who you are and give them a place to listen and follow your music!

Press Release Services

Music promotion sites is one way to promote your music, but think of all the other potential listeners you may be missing out on. Getting your music on major news sites, social media accounts, and other public distribution channels gives your music many different media outlets to reach different audiences. 

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Video Editing Services

We offer a range of video editing services to give you the best quality and creativity. We don’t want to provide just a service, we want to enhance your footage to become something truly unique and special. 

artists we've promoted

music promotion andrea desmond
Andrea Desmond
Sam Fischer
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The Lavender Scare
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Jackson Reed
Oh Geronimo